Jan 26 2010

Ts Sexxxy Jade on sofa

Amazing and very excited set of photos is avalible inside Sexxxy Jade official website. This time Ts Jade is wearing sexy mini dress and posing. She presenting first all her parts of body which have been highlighted by her tight dress. Her long legs are very sexy, her ass so round. But it is not the end. Shemale Jade will be stripping and stroking soon. First she is taking of her top part of dress and big bra. Then Jade is presenting her big tits. After it Sexxy Jade is removing her panties and showing… big tranny cock. It is black and well shaved, just looking delicious.

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Jan 17 2010

Big cocked Sexxxy Jade

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Sexxxy Jade is really sexy in this photos. It is becouse of beauty of Jade but not only. She is wearing very sexy tight clothes which highliths her roud body. Jade is posing in bedroom and stripping very slowly. Her tits are sweet and round, just amazing. But her big ass is sexy, too. It is becouse it has monster size and it is still shape. But all the best from Sexxxy Jade is her extra long black cock. Just check sample photos of Sexxy Jade and join her official website for more!

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Dec 17 2009

Big cocked tranny Sexxxy Jade posing

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Very nice photos are avalible inside brand name site Sexxxy Jade TS. This time it is solo pictorial showing sexy body of Jade. Our sweet black shemale pornstar is stripping very slowly showing all parts of her body carefully. First TS Jade showing her big round butt and hot boobs. In the second step she is presenting her tranny cock. Jade is sitting astride and touching her cock. When it makes bigger she start playing with it. Cock of shemale Jade looks like huge black sausage. Check below sample gallery comming from this Jade’s episode.







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Dec 10 2009

Sexxy Jade blowjob time

Sometimes Sexxxy Jade has enough of sex and she would like to have something different. Then she is calling for her friend Charles who is specializing in blowjobs. Ts Jade is lieing on her back that and Charles is playing with her cock. Very often Sexxxy Jade has her eyes closed to have bigger pleasure. She is not see then how nice blowjobs Charles is making. But I am sure that she has big pleasure becouse Jade’s tranny cock is huge, full of cum and susceptible on caresses. Cock of Ts Jade is first very small but few seconds later Sexxxy’s cock is really huge. It looks then like monster size sausage which Charles is trying to eat. Sample movie from this episode I have placed below.

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Dec 01 2009

Sexxxy Jade and blackmen

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Black beauty Sexxxy Jade posing here with her black boyfriend. This is first part of big photoset. There are no hardcore scenes with her boyfriend, just shemale Jade posing. In the beggining TS Jade is wearing only small thongs. Panties are so tight that from behind seems to TS Sexxxy Jade be completly naked. But when she is turing around we see her small panties. Under it huge cock has been hidden. Sexxxy Jade is taking of her panties and start stroking her tranny cock. I love body of Sexxy Jade becouse it is very round and her breast is really big. It is great connection huge cock with beautifull feminine body. I love shemale pornstar Sexxy Jade becouse she is not next skinny tranny.

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Nov 24 2009

Sexxxy Jade and gun

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Sweet busty ebony trannsexual poser and gun. This is short description of very interesting pic series of Sexxxy Jade. This tranny has baseball bonnet on her head and nice sticking big boobs. She don’t have many clothers on her body. In the begginigs Ts Jade is having very short trousers only. Under it she is wearing sexy thongs. The best moments from this episode is when Sexxxy Jade is removing her panties and shorts. Then Jade’s cock is getting bigger and bigger. When it is really big Sexxxy Jade is stroking it. Her uniform from the begginigs looks incompletly but very sexy. I love uniforms which are so sparse. Then it is hidden nothing and it is easy to admire body of Sexxxy Jade.

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Nov 17 2009

Sexxxy Jade in box uniform

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This set of photos is older but really nice. Shemale Sexxxy Jade is posing in box uniform in lockers room. She is wearing tight shorts, tight top which making her big boobs hidden but shapes are visible. She is keeping boxing gloves and is nice smiling. The best is when tranny Sexxxy Jade is start stripping. First she is taking off her tight top. Her tits are like two ideal balls. Tits are big and very firm. Next she taking off her shorts. Then she is posing only in sexy white panties. She is not removing it immediately. She start playing her cock hidden under her panties. When cock is bigger it is visible despite panties. It is becouse panties are a little transparently and cock is so big that it has not enough place to hide. Yes, Ts Jade has really big tranny cock. I think it has much more than 8 inch. Inside of members are of Sexxxy Jade personal page you will find full set of pictures I have described.

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Nov 11 2009

Seductive tgirl Sexxxy Jade video clip

Nice seductive movie of Sexxxy Jade has been placed inside members are of Jade’s official page. This movie has been taken during shemale Jade’s photosession. The result is great set of pic and additional video clip. Sexxy Jade shemale pornstar is posing indoor in pink mini dress and nice panties in the same color. Black tranny Jade looks wonderfully. Her face is shining and makes from this episode nice attraction for all Jade’s fans. This clips is avalible in three different filesizes and qualitys. So you can choose beetween the best quality and download speed.

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Nov 03 2009

Sexxxy Jade as BabyDoll

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I am always waiting forward for new content from Sexxxy Jade. Her shapes are miracleus. Her body is round and sexy. Her ass is very huge and very round. It makes from this shemale very delicious person who probably you would like to fuck. New content from Sexxxy Jade page has been called BabyDoll. For me it should be called LoveDoll becouse she is very sexy transsexual. She is wearing very hot uniform which adding her more spicy effect. The bottom part of her uniform is very short skirt. Under it you can see her small thongs and huge round ass. She looks lovely in so small thongs. The best moments in this episode is when tranny Sexxxy Jade is laying on her back and making her cock bigger. When job is done her tranny cock has monster size. Then Jade is starting to stroke it.

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Oct 25 2009

Sexxxy Jade’s birthday – new hardcore video

Few days ago Sexxxy Jade has her birthday. On this occasion her friends have been rented blackman for one night. From this event Sexxy Jade has nice hardcore video which she decided to publish inside of her official site.
Video has been taken in one of NY hotels. There are big bed inside big room. Movie is starting from soft cock licking and ending when Jade is hard fucked into her ass. This movie is great becouse we can see all the body of Jade in different positions. I prefer watching her big round ass from behind with her huge cock. And there are this type of scenes. Often her boyfriend is fucking her tight ass in doggy style then. There is a scene when Jade is fucking her boyfriend’s ass, too. Yes, then shemale Sexxxy Jade is master. Inside members area of Sexxxy Jade paysite this movie is avalible in three different filesizes and qualitys. So you can choose between quality and download time. Try Sexxxy Jade sample movie by clicking here or below!


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