Oct 16 2009

Shemale Sexxxy Jade – Top Roof

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There have been published new photos on Sexxxy Jade personal page. This time Sexxy Jade is posing on the top of the roof. Jade is wearing only black panties and sexy light blue mini dress. It is covering only her ass and all long legs are visible. This dress is very sexy, becouse it is tight and we can see how round and big ass Sexxxy Jade has. Yes her ass is number one in shemale porn industry. Her boobs are round but not so big like ass.
Her spotted black panties looks very sexy not only from behind (on her ass) but in front of, too. She is slowly taking of her bottom part of mini dress and showing her huge secret hidden in panties.
Pornstar Jade is staring slowly stroking her cock to make it bigger first. It is very easy beacose Jade’s cock don’t need any blue pills to make really huge. Jade looks beautifully in this photoset. She is wearing sexy glasses and big earings to make her funs hotter. Her makup is not very strong. I think it is better becouse makeup is not covering her natural beauty. You should to see all the photos of course at Sexxxy Jade personal page!

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Sep 13 2009

Shemale Jade birthday

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Jade is black shemale with well hung cock. In this new episode shemale Jade is posing with her black boyfriend. This episode has been called “Jade Birthday” becouse this blackman is her birthday gift which she is reciving from fortune. He has, like Sexxxy Jade, huge black and long cock.

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There is at least three points similar in those two persons: huge cocks, black ass holes and black skin color. This two persons are compatibile and are ready to fuck. First Jade’s boyfriend is sucking her cock. She is surprised a little that Jade has something long and huge beetwen legs but after while there is nothing different for him. He is sucking Jade’s huge tranny cock like the most delicious icecreams.But he don’t doing it to the end. It will be too simple. They are changing and now shemale Jade is sucking cock of her black boyfriend. After blowjob games it is time for a hard anal sex. Both they have tight asses and huge cocks so sex will be like extreme driving. Jade is super horny shemale and in this episode she shows again, that she is one of the best black tranny stars in shemale indrustry. Join shemale pornstar Sexxxy Jade page now and dowload all movies and photos!

Sep 07 2009

Miss Sexxxy Jade – transsexual star

Miss Sexxxy Jade personal page has been realised few months ago. It is official site of Sexxxy Jade – black shemale star. What is in this shemale the best? She is black, she has big round bubble butt and monster size black cock. She is unusual tranny with ebony beauty. Her face is sweet like chocolate, and she has nice smile and beauty eyes.


I don’t know what content with Jade I prefer the best. I love watching her fetish photos and movies, but hardcore scenes all great too. Then I can see how deep ass Sexxxy Jade is. She is not afraid about her ass, when she has an anal sex. Sometimes she dominate in bed. It means that Jade is fucking other shemale, girl or man. Sometimes shemale Jade prefer just be alone and masturbates herself.



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